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innovation-1 ASV P-Free Safety First Tyre Technology

Technological Innovation

This is the first time that a puncture-free tyre has been released into the Australian market.

It has a superior innovative technology that means puncture damage to the tyre tread self-seals immediately.

The tyres contain a self-sealing gel comprising of three essential ingredients – a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil.

In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application (which has an Australian Patent) will immediately self-seal around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged.

After a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping any pressure, meaning there is no impact to driving or driver’s safety.

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your tyres have mended themselves without needing to stop.

The Science

Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT) works automatically when sharp objects pierce through the tyre and simultaneously seals. When the sharp object is removed, it automatically recovers and prevents any tyre air leakage. The same is true for multiple, unlimited punctures.

Manufactured with patented MNPRT technology, the tyres can guarantee no air leakage after tyres are pierced. This reduces rolling resistance of the tyres, which improves fuel consumption and tyre wear, thus guaranteeing maximum tyre lifespan.

The technology prevents dangerous tyre explosions due to puncture, and prevents slippery driving on flat tyres – at no point are driving conditions affected.

The burden of changing tyres is now removed. Also, since the weight of the MNPRT tyres is comparable to normal tyres, and spare tyres are no longer needed to be carried, the overall weight of tyres on the car is reduced, increasing fuel efficiency.

innovation-2 ASV P-Free Safety First Tyre Technology

Convenient, Comfortable And Quiet

  • No more stopping to change a tyre – just keep driving due to our self sealing technology
  • Experience the same optimal driving performance you would expect from our usual luxury tyres due to our superior treads and patterns
  • Less noise – ensuring you enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride.
  • No impact on driving performance – even when driving at higher speed limits and in a variety of climate conditions.
  • Generous Warranty – 3 year or 40 000 km warranty on tyres and a lifetime warranty on the gel application (which is what makes the tyres puncture free).
innovation-3 ASV P-Free Safety First Tyre Technology

Certified Quality

The ASV P-Free™ tyres passed a range and variety of safety, patent and quality tests:

  • Australian Patent
  • passed ISO/TST6949 Quality System Certification
  • 3C Compulsory Quality Certification
  • DOT
  • E4 standards
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Peace of Mind

Tyre Tread Self Seals When Punctured

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Superior Innovation

Permanent Self Repair For Life Of Tyre

IMG_4368_web ASV P-Free Safety First Tyre Technology

Certified Quality

Generous Warranty
3 Years or 40,000KM

ASV_newlogo_FINAL ASV P-Free Safety First Tyre Technology

ASV – a brand you can trust

ASV Euro Car Parts is an Australian, family owned and run company that has been operating for 30 years. We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of new and used European spare parts and have offices all over Australia and New Zealand. We also export internationally.

We have built our reputation on the sound principles of supplying quality products, excellent warranties and all round exceptional customer service.

We have the experience and knowledge to produce only the best quality products. Our dedication to providing Australian consumers with the best solutions for their needs prompted us to develop and launch the incomparable puncture free tyre. A first of its kind in Australia.