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ASV P-free – Explainer Presented by Sam


ASV Puncture-Free Tyres - The Safer, Smarter Choice

ASV P free

prices from $148*

Australian Technology, Innovation Patent


price from $136*

Trusted Brand - Italian Technology


price from $105*

Trusted Brand Budget Range - UK Technology
*price guide is based random 15” tyre. All prices quoted are Inc Gst, excluding installation and delivery

Complete range of standard tyres available - Pirelli - Continental - Michelin - Davanti - Dunlop - Yokohama - BF Goodrich - Bridgestone - Hankook - Goodyear

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Introducing a revolutionary puncture free tyre ASV P-free™ .

With ASV P-free™ there is no need to replace the tyre after a puncture. ASV P-free™ tyres not only seal the puncture permanently, they also repair the entry wound.

In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application will immediately self-seal around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged. After a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping in pressure, meaning there is no impact to driving or drivers safety. For the lifetime of the tyre.

Competitively priced with all other tyres on the market, ASV P-free™ performs and feels like any normal performance tyre.

ASV P-free™ is an Australian brand. Our tyres are designed to seal punctures in the most extreme temperatures, from sub-zero mornings to the hottest outback days.

Offering 3 years or 40,000km warranty on tyres, and a lifetime warranty on the puncture-free capability of the ASV P-free™ sealant inside the tyre.

ASV P-free™ is the obvious choice for your next tyres.

IMG_4431_web ASV P-Free Puncture Proof Tyres

Peace of Mind

Tyre Tread Self Seals When Punctured

untitled-1-of-1_optimised ASV P-Free Puncture Proof Tyres

Superior Innovation

Permanent Self Repair For Life Of Tyre

IMG_4368_web ASV P-Free Puncture Proof Tyres

Certified Quality

Generous Warranty
3 Years or 40,000KM

ASV_newlogo_FINAL ASV P-Free Puncture Proof Tyres

ASV – a brand you can trust

ASV Euro Car Parts is an Australian, family owned and run company that has been operating for 30 years. We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of new and used European spare parts and have offices all over Australia and New Zealand. We also export internationally.

We have built our reputation on the sound principles of supplying quality products, excellent warranties and all round exceptional customer service.

We have the experience and knowledge to produce only the best quality products. Our dedication to providing Australian consumers with the best solutions for their needs prompted us to develop and launch the incomparable puncture free tyre. A first of its kind in Australia.