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What benefits will I get from ASV P-free™ tyres?

ASV P-free™ tyres maintain air pressure, prevent punctures, and extend tyre life by making tyres run cooler.

What's so special about ASV P-free™ technology?

Our P-free™ tyres contain an inner layer which is a proprietary blend of thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil. This unique formulation protects the tyre against air-loss for the rated life of the tyre.

How does it stop punctures?

When an object penetrates the contact area of the tyre, air pressure and tyre rotation forces the elastomer compound into puncture hole to seal it right away.

Should I remove the object that caused the puncture?

Absolutely. Although the P-free™ elastomer will seal around the object, travelling on the tyre will cause the object to move around and enlarge the puncture hole. Therefore you should remove the object as soon as possible.

Do I need to drive on the wheel after removing the object?

Yes. You need to drive on the tyre immediately after removing the object, in order to force the elastomer compound into the puncture-hole to seal it.

Will the sealant react with or damage the rubber of the tyre?

Not at all. The sealant is formulated to be compatible with the rubber compounds used in modern tyres.

Will the sealant affect my wheels or rims?

No. The compound includes an anti-corrosion agent so it will have no effect on steel or alloy rims.

What about wheel-balance? Won't the compound settle in the bottom of the tyre?

No. The compound has a gel-like consistency so that it forms an even coat right around the inside of the tyre.

Will ASV P-free™ seal a puncture in the tyre sidewall?

No. This type of tyre injury is currently classified under ADR as non-repairable.

What kind of warranty is there on ASV P-free™ tyres?

3 years or 40,000km warranty on tyres, and a lifetime warranty on the puncture-free capability of the P-free™ sealant inside the tyre.

Is the ASV P-free™ sealant hazardous?

No. It’s a non-flammable, non-toxic, and bio-degradable compound.

Are ASV P-free™ tyres very expensive?

No. Not when compared with tyres of similar quality and performance and they are less expensive than run-flat tyres. In addition, if you factor in the savings in downtime and the additional km’s you will achieve ASV PFree is an easy choice to make.

How will ASV P-free™ tyres perform in Australia’s extreme temperatures?

ASV P-free™ is an Australian brand. Our tyres are designed to seal punctures in the most extreme temperatures, from sub-zero mornings to the hottest outback days.

Will they fit my car or van?

All standard tyre sizes are available. And special sizes can be made to order.

Are ASV P-free™ tyres like run-flat tyres?

No, run-flat tyres, however, are not a permanent solution. ASV P-free™ tyres not only seal the puncture permanently they also repair the entry wound. Our tyre preforms and feels like any normal performance tyre.

Run-flats however generally deliver a harder ride due to the nature of their construction. They are designed for short distances to hopefully get you to the nearest service centre and in many cases are not recommended for repair.

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Peace of Mind

Tyre Tread Self Seals When Punctured

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Superior Innovation

Permanent Self Repair For Life Of Tyre

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Certified Quality

Generous Warranty
3 Years or 40,000KM

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ASV – a brand you can trust

ASV Euro Car Parts is an Australian, family owned and run company that has been operating for 30 years. We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of new and used European spare parts and have offices all over Australia and New Zealand. We also export internationally.

We have built our reputation on the sound principles of supplying quality products, excellent warranties and all round exceptional customer service.

We have the experience and knowledge to produce only the best quality products. Our dedication to providing Australian consumers with the best solutions for their needs prompted us to develop and launch the incomparable puncture free tyre. A first of its kind in Australia.